Go Green!

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Published on 08-03-2021 06:11:25

Vegetables are underrated. Why do we say that? Well, fitness freaks (perhaps like yourself?) usually praise vegetables, but what about less-fitness freaks? Children? Anyone that doesn’t diet?

Vegetables are in many cases seen as something boring to eat that you just ‘have’ to eat in order to please your conscience. What if we could make vegetables fun, then maybe more people would enjoy eating and cooking them!

We have a few tips on how to get more veggies into your diet in a more… inspiring way.

Realise there is more than one flavour to vegetables

This is a big one. All of us here at Steps agree that when we think about vegetables, we think of them as this one side dish. But potatoes, rice, pasta and so on are also side dishes, but not grouped together in the same way as vegetables are. If you agree to see all the different vegetables as individual flavours, we can make our plates burst of taste. And the colours! If nothing else, they make the plate look pretty. Instagram, anyone?

Eat the vegetables that you like

So, when you think of veggies as separate parts of a meal, you can start picking out which ones you like the most. Try and get at least one green and one red vegetable on your plate at any meal, because different coloured veggies have different nutrients in them. Other than that, just eat the vegetables that you like! Are you a carrot freak? Or do you swear by iceberg lettuce? Go ahead, stock up on those! And make sure to eat them, too, because old, soggy veg are definitely a bore.

Season them

Yes, you can season vegetables! We are not talking oils in salads, no, normal seasoning works like a charm. If you like garlic, try and put some garlic, perhaps thyme and rosemary on your boiled carrots. Pepper your tomatoes and cucumbers. And, if a drizzle of olive oil on your lettuce will brighten your day – go ahead!

So, how will you eat your next vegetable? Remember, you can eat veggies as snacks, too!